Feb 23, 2022
Morris Beckford
To be Black ... in Canada

Morris is an author, professor and trainer. As a Freirean educator Morris works in opposition to the banking model of learning by working with all learners to ensure that their experiences are used to transform systems that maintain oppression.  He has designed numerous lessons with such a philosophy.  His commitments to education go beyond the classroom. Morris was the inaugural co-lead of Humber’s employee Resource Group for Black staff and was also a member of Humber College's EDI Taskforce and Campus Culture Work Group.  His most recent publication focuses on the challenges and dangers of cultural competence as praxis for the non-profit and social serving sector.  

An interactive session on what it means to be Black in Canada and North America. It will look at historical roots of Black people's current social location/s and briefly explore our role in a different future.